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Cosmic Cleaning & Cleansing

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The complete self-care package

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Feng Shui assessment

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Energy cleansing

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Mindful cleaning

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Consult with our team of Cosmic experts

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1:1 Feng Shui Assessment

Harmonize your space with our 1:1 Feng Shui assessment. Connect with our expert for personalized insights and ongoing support.

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Energy Cleansing

Energize your space through cleansing rituals, invoking a serene and positive ambiance with our smudging expertise.

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Mindful Cleaning

Experience our mindful cleaning—natural solutions infused with cleansing herbs for a space that sparkles with freshness and positive energy.

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Embrace the ultimate Energetic Reset experience.

Our mission is to curate A-to-Z plans for your space, ensuring you live in harmony with a light and confident spirit.

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Energetic Reset Pricing

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Starting at $350

2,500+ sqft

Starting at $150

Starting at $250

1,000 sqft

1,000 to 2,500 sqft

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How is the Feng Shui assessment conducted?

Our Feng Shui assessment is a two-part process designed for your convenience. To start, you will fill out a personalized form to gather insights into your space and needs. Following this, the in-person assessment will take place in the comfort of your home, lasting between 30 minutes to an hour. This approach allows us to tailor our services precisely to your unique requirements.

How does energy cleansing contribute to a harmonious home?

Energy cleansing involves the art of purifying your space through smudging rituals. By burning herbs or using smudge sprays, we clear stagnant energy, promoting a harmonious and positive environment. This process revitalizes the energy in your home, fostering a serene and balanced atmosphere.

What set’s your mindful cleaning apart from traditional cleaning services?

Our mindful cleaning goes beyond the surface to embrace a holistic approach. Using all-natural solutions infused with cleansing herbs, we not only leave your space impeccably clean but also infuse it with positive energy. This unique combination ensures your home not only sparkles with freshness but also radiates a revitalizing ambiance.

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Cosmic Cleaning & Cleansing

Business Hours

Tuesday to Saturday

10:00 am to 3:00 pm



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